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Repair inspections

Some repairs need to be checked by a Surveyor to assess the scope of the works.

Inspections are carried out for:

  • all planned works (find out what planned works are)
  • when the tenant is not able to identify the problem
  • when the responsibility for the repair may rest with the tenant
  • where previous repairs have failed to solve a problem
  • where repairs affect more than one tenant e.g. repairs to communal entrances
  • where surveying schedules / specifications etc. are required prior to works being ordered
  • where notice of termination of tenancy is given by tenant, access must be given to assess repairs
  • where specific surveys are required
  • where high value works are required


Appointments for repair inspections are available Monday to Friday during:

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • between the school run (10am - 2pm)

Repair inspections outside normal working hours can be accommodated to suit your specific needs.

We aim to carry out inspections within 15 days of the requested repair.

If you refuse access

In situations where a tenant refuses access to inspect the property, and where we have given at least 24 hours notice of the inspection, then we may obtain a court order to force entry to inspect the property.