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Handyperson service

Do you need a bit of extra help around the house with some everyday DIY jobs?

Our Handy Homes service gives you the chance to have a trained Handyperson visit your home to carry out these jobs.

The Handy Homes provision is no longer available as a free service.

However, we can still provide the service at a charge of £25.00 per hour.  Payment is required before your appointment can be booked.

Alternatively, you can read the Repairs and maintenance advice or search for your own trades person on the Safe Traders list, delivered in partnership with the Business Approval Register.

What type of jobs can the Handyperson carry out?

Our trained Handyperson can carry out the following jobs:

  • Hang pictures/mirrors/clocks
  • Fit shelving
  • Curtain rails
  • Disassemble furniture
  • Fit light bulbs/lampshades
  • Hang curtains
  • Fit shower curtains/towel rails
  • Install blinds (no cutting)
  • Fit toilet seats
  • Place items in/out loft
  • Move furniture
  • Paint timber gates and fencing
  • Removing small rubbish/furniture items ( only remove items of a particular size/type)
  • Lift old carpets
  • Fit hang baskets
  • Install bathroom cabinets
  • Unblock sinks (u-bends)
  • Fit smoke alarms
  • Help set heating programmers/timers
  • Fitting sink plugs
  • Easing stop cocks
  • Fit draught excluders to letterboxes and doors
  • Assemble small items of flat pack furniture
  • Lift old lino floor covering
  • Fit coat racks/hooks
  • Fit door safety chains
  • Fit bolts to gates/outhouse doors
  • Fit stair safety gates

Please note, this service is only available if you are a South Tyneside Homes tenant at a charge of £25 per hour. 

How do I get an appointment?

You can request a Handy Homes appointment in the same way you would report a repair. You can either:

  • Request an appointment online 
  • Housing Plus Officer- If you live in one of our Housing Plus Schemes, you can request an appointment via your Housing Plus Officer.
  • Customer Liaison Officer - If you are having planned work carried out you can request a Handy Homes visit through your CLO.
  • Telephone on 0300 123 6633
  • Typetalk - We welcome calls through Typetalk. Textphone users please prefix our telephone number with 18001

We will record your appointment in an electronic diary in the same way as we do for repairs appointments.

Our service is available:

  • Monday to Wednesday, 8am - 4.30pm 
  • Thursday, 8am - 3.30pm
  • Friday, 8am - 2.30pm

AM and PM appointments are available.

What do I need to provide?

We will discuss this with you in more detail when you book your Handy Homes appointment. However, as a rule, our Handy Homes staff will carry consumables such as screws, nails, wall plugs, sealant etc. Our Handy Homes staff will also carry with them the tools necessary to do the job. It is up to you to provide materials, such as shelves, cabinets, curtain rails etc.

How often can I use the service?

You can book a Handy Homes appointment as many times as required, however, it is no longer a free service and there is a minimum charge of £25 per hour.

Who carries out the Handy Homes work?

Your Handy Homes appointment will be with one of our friendly staff. You will be able to identify our staff through their uniform, vehicles and identification all of which will carry the South Tyneside Homes logo. Please be careful - if you are in doubt please ask to see identification and don't allow anyone who you are suspicious of to enter your home.

Please note - This service is only available to South Tyneside Home's tenants.