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Boiler, heating and hot water

Check out our advice below on using your boiler, and what to do if you're having a problem with your boiler, heating or hot water.

Main boiler controls

Boiler - main controls

Main controls

The main controls for your central heating and hot water are under a drop-down panel on your boiler.

There are instructions inside the panel about what each of these dials does and how to use them.

Selector switch

Boiler - selector switch

Selector switch (shown with the heating and hot water switched on)

You can use this switch to:

  • have both the heating and hot water on - move the dial to the picture of the tap and radiator (as shown in picture) 
  • have just the hot water on - move the dial all the way to the right, to the picture of a tap
  • switch everything off - move dial to "0"
  • reset the boiler - move dial all the way to the left to the "Reset" position and hold for 15 seconds

Temperature controls

Boiler - temperature controls

Temperature controls (shown at hottest settings)

You can use these to make your central heating and/or hot water warmer or colder.

The photo shows them both at the hottest setting. The dial on the left (radiator) is for your heating and the one on the right (tap) is for your hot water.

By turning the dials to the right, the temperature will increase and to the left will reduce the temperature.

Reducing the temperature is a good way of saving money on your heating bills.


Boiler - timer


You can use the pegs around the outside of this dial to select the times for your heating and/or hot water to switch on and off.

Each peg represents 15 minutes.

Move the pegs outwards to select times for the heating/hot water to be 'ON'.

Move the pegs inwards to select times for the heating/hot water to be 'OFF'.

Timer on / off

Boiler - on off switch

Timer on / off (shown as constant)

You can use this switch to:

  • have the heating and/or hot water switched on all the time ('Constant') - move the switch to 'I'
  • have everything switched off - move the switch to '0'
  • choose the times when your heating and/or hot water is switched on and off ('Timed') - move the switch to the middle setting which shows a clock

Problems with your heating or hot water

If the central heating or hot water system does not work a fault may have occurred on the boiler. An error code may be shown on the boiler. The codes are either two or three numbers, with the letter 'E' in front.

Code E119

If the code E119 is displayed ('E1' followed by '19'), this means the pressure in the boiler has dropped and a water leak could be stopping the system working properly. Please report this to us by calling 0300 123 6633.

Code E133

If the code E133 is displayed ('E1' then '33' flashing), this means either:

  • The gas supply has been interrupted
  • If a pre payment gas meter is fitted, the credit on the gas meter has run out
  • Ignition has failed or a flame has not been detected

This fault can sometimes be fixed by simply resetting the boiler.

How to reset your boiler

Boiler - selector switch

Selector switch

To reset your boiler, turn the selector switch all the way to the left to the "Reset" position and hold for 15 seconds.

Why are my radiators not heating when the central heating is on?

Radiators are fitted with thermostatic radiator valves that control the flow of hot water to that radiator. The settings for the valve range from 1 to 5 (5 is the hottest). The valve will shut off when the room reaches the desired temperature causing the radiator to cool. The radiator will only warm-up again when the room temperature starts to drop.

What happens to the boiler if I run out of gas?

If you have a pre payment gas meter and the gas supply is temporarily lost you may need to reset the boiler (follow the instructions above).

Will my boiler work if I have gas but no electricity?

Boiler - fused spur switch

Fused spur switch

No, your boiler needs electricity for the ignition so it will not switch on if there is no electricity.

If your electricity supply is on and your central heating and hot water is not working, please check the fused spur switch is switched on.

Why can I get hot water from my taps but no central heating?

  1. Check that the room thermostat is turned up, normally to between 20 and 25 degrees.
  2. Check that the selector switch is turned towards the heating and hot water symbols.
  3. Check that the time clock is not set to timer or in the off position. This is located on the right hand side of the boiler (the white pin should be pulled fully upwards).

My heating / hot water is too hot

The temperature of your heating and hot water can be changed using the dials on the front of the boiler (see temperature controls section above).

How often does my boiler need a service?

We will visit your home to service your boiler every 12 months. Find out more about Gas servicing.