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South Tyneside Homes Scrutiny Panel

What do the Scrutiny Panel do?


The Scrutiny Panel's main responsibility is to take an in depth look at housing services and monitor performance across the organisation.

As an independent group, they scrutinise how the company is performing and challenge senior managers on how services will be improved. They also use this information to decide which service areas to review, and carry out a detailed inspection to find out how the service is performing before making recommendations on how services can be improved for customers.

Using information taken from a range of sources, the Scrutiny Panel write a report making suggestions, observations and recommendations directly to the Board of South Tyneside Homes.

Typical activities include:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Surveys/questionnaires
  • Holding interviews & focus groups with staff and tenants
  • Job shadowing members of staff
  • Reviewing performance information
  • Customer journey mapping

The Scrutiny Panel have had huge impacts on the way South Tyneside Homes delivers services and manages your home as a result of the inspections they carry out.

For more details on how the Scrutiny Panel have improved services, see What we've been working on.

How much time is required?

Scrutiny Triangulation

Scrutiny Panel members need to be committed and are expected to attend monthly meetings (which last approximately 2 hours).

In addition, panel members take part in activities in between meetings to help review services, produce in-depth reports and make recommendations which are presented to Senior Managers to help improve the services delivered by South Tyneside Homes.

How can I register my interest?

The Scrutiny Panel has a limited membership of 15 people and recruitment takes place through a recruitment process when vacancies arise.

However, if you are interested in joining the Panel or would like more information, please contact us on 0300 123 6633 or send your details to the Involvement team by email at