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South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Ltd

What is South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Ltd?

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South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Ltd is an independent private not-for-profit company which South Tyneside Council and South Tyneside Homes helped to set up in 2013.

The company is a registered provider of social housing, and like all other housing associations is regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

For more information, visit the website: 

South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Ltd

How do I get a South Tyneside Housing Ventures property?

To apply for a tenancy and property with Housing Ventures Trust an application must be completed and active with South Tyneside Homes.

Additional checks will be needed and completed by Housing Ventures Trust to meet their tenancy requirements.

To apply to join the South Tyneside Homes register, see Search and bid on homes.

What kind of tenancy will I have?

New tenants will be provided with a 'starter tenancy' unless they have previously been a tenant of South Tyneside Homes or another registered provider.

The 'starter tenancy' will automatically transfer into an 'assured tenancy' unless the the terms of the tenancy agreement have not been met.

Will I need to pay my water rates?

Yes. Tenants are responsible for setting up and paying water rates with Northumbria Water.

Who will manage my home?

South Tyneside Homes will manage the properties on behalf of South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Ltd

How many weeks a year is the rent based on?

52 weeks a year.