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Other Involvement activities and reviews

South Tyneside Homes are always looking for different ways to involve our customers and gain valuable feedback on our services and to continually improve what we do.  We couldn't do this without the dedication and hard work of our involved customers. 

We have two involved tenants' panels, Scrutiny and Check and Challenge, both groups regularly review services and policies.

Last year we started to use "Customer journey mapping" as a new way to engage with our customers and we are planning to continue using this throughout 2022.

What's new for 2022

We have launched "Tenants Talk" a new online forum which makes is easier for tenants to share their views from the comfort of their own home, making it easy to be involved every day and provide feedback on services from a customer's perspective and help to shape services.

Tenants Talk 2022

If you are interested in joining this group, its simple follow this link Facebook: STH tenant talk.

To join all you need to do is provide your name and address and agree to the group rules and you are ready to share your thoughts!

Resident Involvement Strategy

This framework has been developed to improve the way in which we engage with and listen to our customers.

The strategy has the following strategic objectives for resident involvement and engagement: 

  • Customer engagement and transparency will inform all aspects of the business;
  • The organisation will understand the diverse needs of residents and use this to drive continuous service improvement and performance;
  • A menu of involvement opportunities will be offered to residents to get involved and give their views which suits their varying needs, preferences and expectations;
  • Residents will support the organisation's wider role of improving communities across South Tyneside;
  • Residents' knowledge, skills and confidence will be improved through a diverse training programme;
  • The impact and outcomes of engagement will be clearly communicated to ensure that residents feel their views are listened to and acted upon to make a positive difference in their communities;
  • The latest technology will be utilised to modernise resident engagement and participation;
  • We will use feedback from complaints to learn and improve service delivery;We will effectively engage our customers in relation to the management and safety of the buildings they live in.

Repairs and Maintenance Service Reviews

The Repairs and Maintenance Service was reviewed with customers with an aim to reduce "no answer repairs" and to look for further improvements in the repairs process. The Scrutiny Panel produced a well-received report with 20 recommendations for repair service improvements.

The Check and Challenge group also reviewed "follow-on" jobs for the Repairs service, mapping a repair journey and looking for areas that could be improved, which would allow more jobs to be completed "right first time".

Review of Electrical Periodic Inspection Process

A review of the Electrical Periodic Inspection process was carried out with customers. The letters sent to customers requesting access to properties for Electrical Inspections were reviewed and redesigned to demonstrate the importance of complying with these requests making sure customers' homes are safe and meeting regulations.

Development of Customer Promise

A new Customer Promise has been developed with customers. South Tyneside Homes are dedicated to providing Great Homes, Great Places, Great Services and a Great Company. These promises are what we expect from all staff when dealing with our customers.

Development of Tenants' Safety Handbook

A new Tenants' Safety Handbook have been developed for customers to keep people safe in their homes in partnership with our involvement groups. These will be distributed to new customers to ensure that they are safe in their home. Additional information has been developed for customers living in high-rise accommodation and Housing Plus schemes offering additional advise to keep customers safe.