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Electrical safety inspections

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Electrical safety inspections are needed to make sure that you and your home are safe from the dangers of electric shock and fire. Inspections allow us to identify and solve any issues early.

Appointments are being booked 7 days a week to suit your needs.

To book or reschedule due to self-isolation, or for information on how we limit time in your property, call 0300 123 6633.

Our responsibility

South Tyneside Homes has a duty and legal responsibility as a landlord to make sure that all electrical installations within our homes and communal areas are maintained so they are safe for you to use. 

Checks and inspections

The work involves checking the electrics in a property and includes visual inspections and manual testing (similar to a gas service or a car MOT).

We carry out regular inspections to our electrical installations (known as an Electrical Inspection Condition Report EICR) to identify any factors such as:

  • damage
  • wear and tear
  • corrosion
  • excessive loading and aging 

To make sure your electrics are safe and that you don't put your family at risk, please make sure you provide us with access to your home to carry out an ECIR.

Any repairs that are identified are corrected in accordance with legislative guidelines. This may even mean a full rewire in some circumstances.

To make sure that we meet our statutory and regulatory obligations we carry out regular inspections, no longer than five years between visits.

An ECIR will also be carried out in homes every time a new customer moves in.

Product recalls

Read about electrical product recalls.

Improvements to your home

Please remember you must have written permission before you carry out any improvements to your home. Read about improvements and alterations.