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Environmental Policy statement (ISO 14001 certified)

Our commitment to environmental excellence

South Tyneside Homes, incorporating South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust - (STH) South Tyneside Council's Housing Company, provide housing and support services to local communities in the Borough of South Tyneside managing in excess of 18,000 housing units and employing over 600 people. 

Company Vision

Delivering excellent services in neighbourhoods through empowered and motivated staff.

Green Vision

To reduce the impact we have on the environment through our operations and activities, and through our homes and residents.


STH is committed to compliance with legislation, commitment to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitment(s) relevant to the context of the organization; and to the continual improvement of environmental performance throughout our operations, services and activities, this includes a commitment to conform to our compliance obligations.


We recognise that we cannot achieve our environmental aims and objectives alone and appreciate that we need to work closely with South Tyneside Council, and a wide range of partners including South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust and customers to deliver environmental improvements. We will draw in additional resources and funding to help achieve our goals.

We have established a programme to review and monitor our significant environmental aspects and to enable us to reduce those impacts we have adopted a set of objectives that will provide the focus for improvement. These objectives include:

  1. Promote the use of sustainable and low carbon solutions into new housing developments, where possible
  2. Promote our Asset Management and Fuel Poverty plan, through education and Planned Investment Programmes, ensuring our housing stock is maintained to the Government's Decent Homes Standard and as thermally efficient as possible through the use of supplementary energy efficiency measures
  3. Reduce energy use and carbon emissions in our offices and housing stock
  4. Reduce waste from our business operations
  5. Promote the use of sustainable transport policies, with the aim of reducing the level of carbon emissions and car mileage spend through our grey fleet
  6. Improve energy and environmental awareness of our employees, customers and partners
  7. Monitor and improve the environmental performance of our contractors and suppliers
  8. Reduce the level of environmental risk from business activities
  9. Successfully manage and maintain our ISO 14001 certification

Copies of this policy statement will be made freely available to all interested parties and its existence will be promoted to employees, tenants and representatives of the local communities in which we operate.


Paul Mains
Managing Director 


Cllr Ed Malcolm
Chair of the Board

Date: 29 July 2019

What is the IS0 14001 certification?

IS014001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management proficiency.

It is known as the 'Gold Standard' by a wide range of audiences including Government and individual customers.

The benefits of an Environmental Management System include:

  • assuring customers of commitment to environmental management
  • satisfying investor criteria and improving access to capital
  • improving cost control through waste reduction
  • reducing incidents that result in liability
  • conserving input materials and energy
  • ensuring compliance with legislation
  • enhancing corporate image and environmental stewardship
  • reduction in risks

View our ISO 14001 certificate254.8KB.