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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Housing Plus residents

Following further Government announcements we have had to review the service you receive.

In these unprecedented times it is important that we work together to protect residents and staff from the spread of the Coronavirus. The health, wellbeing and safety of our tenants are a priority and compliance with the information contained in this briefing will ensure that we manage the risk as best we can.

For official advice about coronavirus, visit: NHS: Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What you can expect from us

  • Housing Plus Officers have now returned to work from the Housing Plus schemes
  • Staff will still conduct your daily call. Please ensure that you are available to respond. If you do not respond we will check your home to make sure you are safe. If required we may also contact your next of kin if you have given us their details or the emergency services if necessary
  • In order to ensure our records are up to date our officer may ask you to confirm some basic details
  • To keep everyone safe and well we will be asking if you are showing any symptoms of the coronavirus and are self-isolating during any contact we have with you, please do not be offended by this
  • We aim to have cleaning staff in your scheme each day, especially focusing on high touch areas, however this may be impacted by the resources we have at our disposal due to the current spread of the virus
  • Staff are working with Age Concern daily, to support customers who need assistance with shopping and prescriptions
  • If further information becomes available we will update the electronic screen in your scheme
  • We continue to deliver our water management programme to Housing Plus buildings, to make sure your water systems are safe. Read about maintaining water safety in your home
  • We continue to carry out emergency lighting and fire alarm compliance checks.

What we expect from you

  • While the Housing Plus Officer is on site we would ask that you do not go to the office. The office door will be closed to reduce any risk to the Officer and tenants. Please telephone the Housing Plus Officer if you need assistance. The telephone number is on the office door.
  • If you do not currently receive board calls but would like to please advise us by calling 0300 123 6633
  • Please ensure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water regularly in line with government guidance (20 seconds) throughout the day
  • If you are experiencing symptoms please let us know and ensure that you take measures to self-isolate (i.e. stay in your flat/bungalow) for 7 days if you live alone and 14 days if you live with someone else

Communal lounges / areas

  • Communal areas and communal kitchens are now open, however social distancing rules remain the same and are key to the safety of residents in Housing Plus schemes. This means that you must keep your distance from other people by keeping 2 metres apart
  • Please take notice of the new signage around your scheme. The information provided is to help keep you safe
  • If you use the communal areas, please open windows (where you can) to allow additional ventilation
  • To keep everyone safe, large gatherings, meetings or social events are not permitted in the communal areas
  • We would advise that you use your own crockery and cutlery in the communal areas. If you do use the communal crockery and cutlery, please make sure it is adequately cleaned before and after use
  • Customers are advised they make their own decisions on whether they wish to use items in the communal rooms such as jigsaws and are advised where possible to wipe down any items before and after use
  • If the communal area is busy and cannot accommodate more people due to social distancing, please make alternative arrangements
  • Not all tenants will feel comfortable using the communal facilities at this present time. Please respect this

Your compliance with the information contained in this briefing is vital in order to keep residents safe. 

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and hope that you stay well over the coming weeks.