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  1. Fly-tipping
  2. Litter
  3. Dog fouling
  4. Graffiti 
  5. Abandoned shopping trolleys
  6. Report another issue


Fly-tipping is a criminal offence that:

  • causes a serious hazard
  • pollutes the environment
  • spoils our neighbourhoods
  • wastes your Council Tax.

Please help us to identify offenders.

On conviction, the fine is up to £50,000 or six months imprisonment or both.

You can report fly-tipping anonymously online.

Report fly-tipping


If you see an accumulation of litter, or if you witness anyone littering, please report it.

You can report litter anonymously online.

Report litter

Dog fouling

Dog fouling is a big concern, not just because of the mess it causes, but because it can also be a health risk.

You can report dog fouling anonymously online.

Report dog fouling


Graffiti vandalism is not just an unsightly mess.

It is against the law, a cost to you and your neighbours, and a drain on the services provided by South Tyneside Council and South Tyneside Homes.

You can report graffiti anonymously online. 

Please be as descriptive as possible about the graffiti and where it is.

Report graffiti

Abandoned shopping trolleys 

You can report an abandoned shopping trolley using the Trolleywise app, or directly to the shop where the trolley is from. 

To find out more, visit the South Tyneside Council website: 

Report abandoned shopping trolley

Report another issue 

Visit the South Tyneside Council website to report other issues in South Tyneside: 

Report an issue