Damp, mould and condensation

How to report damp and mould

Following a report of damp, mould, or condensation from a customer, we will offer immediate advice and triage the call to assess if the customer is vulnerable or has any health priorities.

Inspections will then be arranged and carried out in a timely manner and at a mutually convenient time.

Report a repair

It is your responsibility to immediately report to South Tyneside Homes any evidence of damp mould or condensation along with any faulty equipment that will affect the management of humidity and moisture in the home, including:

  • faulty extract fans
  • unable to open windows
  • heating system failure

Customers must allow access for inspections and for the carrying out of all remedial works.

Where customers are considering making any changes within their home, for example:

  • converting rooms into one room
  • adding extensions
  • converting non-habitable buildings/spaces into habitable

They must seek advice and permission from us in accordance with their tenancy agreement, to make sure that the proposed alteration would not contribute to the accumulation of damp, mould, or condensation, as well as making alterations comply with building control and planning guidelines.

View our full damp, mould, and condensation policy.