Who is my Housing Officer?


  1. Jarrow and Boldon
  2. Hebburn
  3. Riverside
  4. West Shields
  5. East Shields and Whitburn

Jarrow and Boldon 

Jacqueline Fairs is the Assistant Housing Manager for Jarrow and Boldon, you can contact her by:

Jarrow and Boldon Officer Patches
Boldon CollieryAshely Summerly07813405148ashley.summerly@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Calf CloseLouise Nellist07766205895louise.nellist@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Low SimonsideGemma Bushell07500999158gemma.bushell1@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Jarrow Central (excluding Ellen and Wilkinson Court)Daisy Hawkins07776548141Daisy.Hawkins@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Jarrow South, Ellen and Wilkinson CourtKelly Fenwick07436039250kelly.fenwick@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Brockley Whins / Simonside WestDoreen ClaytonAwaiting PhoneDoreen.Clayton@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Hedworth 1Julie Lennon07436032716Julie.Lennon@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Fellgate, Hedworth 2, Hill Park, VikingEstelle MohammedAwaiting Phoneestelle.mohamed@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Scotch Estate / The LakesJoanne Hawkins07815026830joanne.hawkins@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Primrose / St PaulsShelly Pandeles07810852938michelle.pandeles@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
West BoldonSophie Barrow07773099991Sophie.Barrow@southtynesidehomes.org.uk


Nicholas Little is the Assistant Housing Manager for Hebburn, you can contact him by:

Hebburn Officer Patches
Campbell Park RoadTrisha Moore07586606962Trisha.Moore1@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
HartleyburnDan Parker07471029380Dan.Parker@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Clock Clegwell / MonktonChristopher Mallett07976774440christopher.mallett@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Lukes Lane (Thames Rd, Grosvenor Cres, Elmfield Rd - These are from Finchale Rd Patch)Rachel Eklund07443675273Rachel.Eklund@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Finchale Road (Excluding Thames Rd, Grosvenor Cres, Elmfield Rd)Mason Teasdale07812 774208mason.teasdale@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Hebburn New Town / Hebburn QuayDenise Pettimore07483157802denise.pettimore@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Victoria RoadSarah Bowskill07436035252Sarah.Bowskill@southtynesidehomes.org.uk


Emma Elliott is the Assistant Housing Manager for Riverside, you can contact her by:

Riverside Officer Patches
Mile End Road / Simonside 1 (Blyton Ave, Simonside Hall, Ranson Crescent, Edhill Ave, Bainbridge Ave, Stoker Ave)Shannon Emery07812511902Shannon.Emery@southtyneside.org.uk
Simonside East 2 (rest of Simonside excluding the above)David Landreth07815020922David.Landreth@southtyneside.gov.uk
Brinkburn/Chichester / Dean Road / John Clay Street/WestoeMichael Kelly07721731278Michael.Kelly@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Trinity, Tyne Dock, Victoria Road (South Shields)Peter Tindle07436561001Peter.J.Tindale@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
LaygateDavid Carr07971946735David.Carr@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Woodbine /Wolsey CourtKieron Cox07773126109Kieron.Cox@southtynesidehomes.org.uk

West Shields

Kate Tuck is the Assistant Housing Manager for West Shields, you can contact her by:

West Shields Officer Patches
Biddick Hall 1 (Dickens Avenue, Heaton Gardens, Hardy Avenue, Froude Ave, Gaskell Ave, Defoe Ave, Hazlitt Ave, Boswell Ave, Austen Ave, Shaw Ave)Sharon Clark07766205900Sharon.Clark@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Biddick Hall 2 (Chesterton Road, Cobbett Crescent, Ruskin Crescent, Kingsley Avenue, Bunyan Avenue, Sheridan Road, Ainsworth Avenue, Cronin Avenue)Joe Richardson07976774754Joe.Richardson@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Whiteleas 1 (Bruce Close, Carnegie Close, Brodie Close, Percy Scott Street, Gosforth Avenue, Gerald Street, Constable Gardens, Manet Gardens, Lawrence Avenue, Whistler Gardens, Whiteleas Way)Amber Mordey07790880386Amber.Mordey@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Whiteleas 2 (Rapheal Avenue, Holbein Road, Orpen Avenue, Hogarth Road, Rembrandt Avenue, Millias Gardens, Copley Avenue, Titian Avenue)Daniel HallAwaiting Phone Daniel.Hall@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Whiteleas 3 (Rubens Avenue, Romney Avenue, Reynolds Avenue, Gainsborough Avenue, Turner Avenue, Horton Avenue, Sargent Avenue, Girtin Road, Rodin Avenue, Lorrain Road, Raeburn Road, Renoir Gardens, Landseer Gardens, Cotman Gardens)Stephen Allen07787521564stephen.allen@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Churchside / Cleadon and East Boldon / Parkway / Stanhope RoadJeffrey ReidAwaiting Phone Jeffrey.Reid@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
West HartonPhil Brannigan07814 063664philip.brannigan@southtynesidehomes.org.uk


We are currently recruiting an officer for Biddick Hall 3 (Browning Close, Orwell Avenue, Burns Close, Dryden Close, Masefield Drive, Priestly Court, Chaucer, Belloc Avenue, Benton Road, Galsworthy Road).

If you have any queries about this position please contact the Housing Management Team on 0300 123 6633.

East Shields and Whitburn

Gary McGuire is the Assistant Housing Manager for East Shields and Whitburn, you can contact him by:

East Shields and Whitburn Officer Patches
Bamburgh AvenueAndrea Hope07747768664Andrea.Hope@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Cleadon Park 1 (Cedar Grove, Cragside, East Way, Fellside, Hawthorne Avenue, Hillcrest, The Lonnen, Myrtle Grove, Prince Edward Road, Prince Edward Court, The Ridgeway, Sunderland Road, Sycamore Avenue)Clare ThompsonAwaiting PhoneClare.Thompson@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Cleadon Park 2 (Fir Grove, Gorse Avenue, Holly Avenue, Larch Avenue, Lilac Avenue, Oak Avenue, Palm Avenue, Pine Avenue, Quarry Lane, Willow Grove)Andrea Hope07747768664Andrea.Hope@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Horsley Hill 1 (Amble Avenue, Bamburgh Grove, Chatton Avenue, Craster Avenue, Druridge Crescent, Embleton Avenue, Farne Avenue, Frenchmans Way, St Cuthberts Avenue, Warkworth Avenue, Widdrington Avenue)Anne Butterfield07587132528ann.butterfield@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Horsley Hill 2 (Cheviot Avenue, Coquet Avenue, Horsley Hill Square, Horsleyvale, Norham Avenue, Westhope Road)Terri Underwood07586607306Terri.Underwood@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Harton MoorTerri Underwood07586607306Terri.Underwood@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
HartonIan Berry7890021827ian.berry@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Whitburn Amanda McIntosh07825931377Amanda.mcintosh@southtynesidehomes.org.uk
Marsden 1 (Dorset Avenue, Hertford Avenue, Devon Gardens, Cumberland Place, Suffolk Gardens, Essex Gardens, Norfolk Road, Westmoreland Road, Hampshire Way, Redwell Lane, Grotto Road, Fallow Road, Lincoln Road, Tanfield Gardens, Fulwell Avenue, Prince Edward Road)Lynne McElwee07484015522Lynne.McElwee@southtynesidehomes.org.uk