Standards and performance


  1. How we are performing
  2. How we measure our performance
  3. Our standards
  4. Performance against our Service Standards
  5. Complaints and compliments
  6. Customer satisfaction surveys
  7. Annual Tenants' Survey 2022
  8. Annual report and financial statements

How we are performing

See how we are performing against our Service Standards.

How we are performing

How we measure our performance

We report on government, local and customer focused indicators.

These are the things that are considered the most important to you. 

To make sure that we continually improve performance, we monitor our progress towards a range of challenging targets and against the promises we have made.

Customer care is a high priority for us and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality housing service. 

Our standards for South Tyneside

In April 2015 the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) introduced a revised set of national standards that all social housing providers have to meet.

South Tyneside Council also needs to have local standards specific to the Borough. These are standards that are set and monitored by you as tenants.

Below you will find 'Our standards for South Tyneside'. These standards have been influenced by tenants, developed by tenants and agreed by tenants.

They cover four key areas:


  • how we improve, repair and maintain your home

Neighbourhood and community:

  • how we manage your neighbourhood
  • how we work in co-operation with others in your local area and respond to complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Tenant involvement and empowerment:

  • customer service, choice and complaints
  • understanding and responding to your diverse needs
  • how we involve and empower customers to improve services


  • how we support you to maintain your tenancy
  • how we help you to find a home

View our Service standards

Performance against our Service Standards

It is important that we keep our promises. 

To make sure that we do, our performance is regularly reviewed by our involved tenants.

Our involved residents have told us which Service Standards are the most important from a tenants' perspective and have chosen a selection that we will report on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly performance - April to December 2021
Description of Service Standard



Customer Care - Respond to complaints within timescale



Repairs - Attend to an emergency repair within 4 hours



Repairs - Complete repairs during the first vist where possible



Gas Servicing - Service and test all gas and solid fuel appliances at least every 12 months



Customer Care - Acknowledge complaints within 3 working days



Customer Care - Calls dealth with at the 1st point of contact



Debt and Welfare Support - We will make contact with you to arrange an appointment within 10 working days of you being referred



Estate Management - Remove fly tipped rubbish within 5 days



Estate Management - Remove discarded needles within 1 working day



Estate Management - complete monthly communal area checks in low rise, high rise an 



 Annual performance

Our annual performance against Service Standards is reported in the Tenants' Annual Report.

Complaints and compliments

We value receiving both your complaints and compliments.

Complaints let us see where we need to improve our service.

Compliments are a great way for us to learn what we are doing well. 

As part of the Consumer Standards set out in the Regulatory Framework, we are required to publish our complaints data. 

Read our Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code: Self-assessment.

Find out more about how you can make a complaint or give feedback.

Complaints received April 2020 to March 2021

Complaints 2020 to 2021

Number recieved 

  • Stage 1 - 684
  • Stage 2 - 56 
  • Stage 3 - 25 

Respond to on time:

  • Stage 1 - 93.42%
  • Stage 2 - 87.50%
  • Stage 3 - 84.00%


  • Upheld: 22.43%
  • Partially upheld: 33.84%
  • Not upheld: 41.33%

Reasons for complaints: As in previous years, complaints tend to be for those teams with close interaction with customers, and specifically around service not delivered, communication breakdown, delays to providing a service, quality of service or the customer is unhappy with a decision.

Compliments received April 2020 to March 2021

Number received: 448

Reasons for compliments: Compliments tend to arise from good service received, and also the good attitude and professionalism of staff. We also receive compliments when customers feel the staff member has 'gone the extra mile'.

Comparison of yearly summaries

Comparisons of complaints and compliments
YearComplaints received Compliments received
2010 to 2011922309
2011 to 2012899451
2012 to 2013931538
2013 to 2014960498
2014 to 2015838428
2015 to 2016964489
2016 to 2017844497
2017 to 2018678464
2018 to 2019668657
2019 to 2020684653
2020 to 2021709448

Customer satisfaction surveys

We regularly ask customers to tell us how they feel about the services we provide.

Customer satisfaction surveys are sent via text, post, or could be carried out by staff over the phone.

We also conduct a periodic survey which is sent to all customers to see how they think their housing services are being delivered.

If you are contacted to complete a customer survey please take a few moments to complete this.

Your views are very important to us and will help South Tyneside Homes improve the services you receive.

Annual Tenants' Survey 2022

Read our Annual tenants survey report 2022.

Annual report and financial statements

Read our 2021/22 Annual report and financial statements.