Moving home


  1. Overview
  2. Things to think about before moving
  3. Calculate your moving costs
  4. Calculate bills at your new property
  5. After you have moved


Moving home can be a stressful time.

This information should help you to think about whether moving is the right option for you, and help you to avoid any last minute unexpected costs. 

If you are having issues within your home, your landlord may be able to help you.

Things to think about before moving

  • Is it practical and affordable to move? Think about removals costs or if you could rent a van yourself.
  • What are your moving options? Find out whether mutual exchanges, social housing or a private let property through an estate agent is available to you.
  • Make sure your rent account is clear. Owing money on your rent could stop you from being able to move.
  • Leave your home clean and tidy and repair any damage. This could avoid you losing out on the offer of another home, paying charges after you leave or losing your deposit.
  • Do you have a bank account set up? Many housing providers will require an upfront payment and rent to be paid by Direct Debit.
  • Are you prepared to move quickly? Sometimes you could be expected to pack and move within a very short space of time.
  • Will you be eligible for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit? Contact us on 0300 123 6633 for help and advice with benefits.
  • Have you checked the local GPs and schools in the area you are looking?
  • What about transport links in the area?

Calculate your moving costs

  • The initial rent payment or bond payment
  • Repaying any owed rent at your current property
  • Removals or van hire
  • Boxes and packing materials
  • Final energy bills at the property you are leaving
  • Decorating and flooring
  • New or additional furniture
  • Moving your TV and broadband package

Calculate bills at your new property

The first step to working out if a property is affordable to you is to make sure you are on the correct income. Are you receiving what you are entitled to?

Once you know what your monthly income is, make a note of the things that you will have to pay out for:

  • Rent
  • Council Tax
  • Home insurance
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet and TV
  • Groceries

After you have moved

Once you have moved, think about who needs to know your new address, such as:

  • Your benefit provider or workplace
  • Council Tax
  • Bank, Building Society or Post Office
  • TV licence
  • Home, life and car insurance
  • Credit cards, loans and store cards
  • Driving licence and passports