Home loss compensation


  1. Overview
  2. How much compensation you'll get
  3. Receiving the payment
  4. Deductions from the compensation payment
  5. Make a claim
  6. When the compensation will be paid
  7. How the payment is made


If you have been asked to move out of your home, you may be entitled to claim a form of compensation called Home Loss Payment.

To be able to claim this compensation, the following must apply:

  • We must have asked you to move from your home for a redevelopment, improvement or demolition scheme
  • Your move must be permanent. If you can return to your present home when the work is complete, you will not be able to claim a Home Loss Payment. You may, however, be entitled to a decoration allowance

How much compensation you'll get

Time lived in current homeCompensation entitlement
12 Months or more£5,800
Less than 12 monthsYou may not be entitled to compensation

Receiving the payment 

  • Each household is only entitled to one payment
  • The payment can be made to the tenant by cheque or by bank transfer
  • If your tenancy is a joint tenancy, the amount can be either paid to one person or divided equally and paid separately to each joint tenant

Deductions from the compensation payment

  • Rent arrears
    If you owe us rent, the amount that you owe will be deducted from any compensation that is due. We will then pay you the balance.
  • Removal expenses
    When you are entitled to compensation, we will make arrangements for your move with our contract removal firm. We can also arrange to disconnect or reconnect your cooker through our maintenance contractor.

Make a claim 

We cannot pay you compensation until you have signed a new tenancy agreement.

Your application will be processed at your local housing office.

When the compensation will be paid 

By law, you must receive the payment within three months of the date of your claim.

How the payment is made 

The payment will be made by cheque or bank transfer. You will need to have a bank, building society or post office account to pay the cheque into.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cash your cheque at any of our cash payment offices.