Buildings insurance for leasehold flats

The buildings insurance in respect of leasehold flats is provided by Avid Insurance Services Limited as of 1 April 2022. The policy is in place until March 2025. 

A separate policy is in place for Terrorism cover, which is provided by Lloyds C/O Bowring Marsh.

What the policy covers

The buildings insurance policy covers the parts of the building which are the Council's responsibility to maintain.

These include the:

  • structure
  • outside of the building
  • communal areas
  • services and installations of the block

The buildings insurance policy covers damage caused by:

  • fire, smoke, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • storm or flood
  • escape of water from any fixed tank, appliance, heating system or sanitary ware
  • riot, civil commotion, strike
  • malicious damage
  • theft or attempted theft
  • subsidence, heave or landslip 
  • falling trees or branches
  • falling aerials or satellite receiving equipment, their fittings or masts
  • impact by flying objects, vehicles, trains animals or aircraft or anything dropped from them
  • accidental Damage to drains, pipes, cables and underground tanks
  • accidental breakage of fixed glass, fixed sanitary ware, fixed water or heating systems
  • accidental Damage and Damage to the property caused by forced entry of Emergency Services

If your mortgage company needs a copy of the buildings insurance policy, we can give you a document summarising the cover. 


There is an excess of £100 on all claims except those on accidental damage (£50) or subsidence (£1,000).

This means that you will have to pay the first £100 on any claim you make other than accidental damage or subsidence.

What is not covered - exclusions

Before you make a claim you should refer to the policy booklet to make sure that there is cover in place.

The most common exclusions are:

  • no cover if the property has been unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days
  • no cover for damage caused by wear and tear
  • no cover for theft or attempted theft if your property is sub-let

Make a claim

For a claim to be considered the damage must have happened within the policy period, and have been caused by an event the policy covers e.g. fire, water, storm, theft etc.

Refer to your policy summary for details of insured events.

Any settlement will be subject to the deduction of any applicable policy excess. 

To report all claims please contact Questgates Limited on 0120 486 0427 and quote the policy number (2022CP000282).

Confirm you are a South Tyneside Council leaseholder and provide your name and the address of the leasehold property.

If damage has been caused to the building and the damage is covered by the insurance policy, South Tyneside Council is responsible for carrying out any repairs under the terms of the lease.

You should report the damage to South Tyneside Homes in the first instance and then make a claim to the Insurer or inform the Leasehold Team, who can make a claim for all leaseholders in the block. 

This will cover the percentage share (due proportion) charged to each leaseholder.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance provides cover for all of the moveable items in your home.

Your contents insurance would cover items such as:

  • furniture
  • clothing
  • carpets
  • electrical items

This type of insurance is completely separate from buildings insurance.

You do not have to have contents insurance, although we strongly advise you to do so.

Contents insurance would also provide cover for tenant liabilities such as flood water from your home damaging another home.

We have negotiated an offer for affordable contents insurance cover for tenants and leaseholders.

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