How you can get involved

All our involvement opportunities.

Scrutiny Panel

The scrutiny panel is an independent group that looks at housing services and monitors performance across South Tyneside Homes.

South Tyneside Homes Check and Challenge Group

The check and challenge group works with service managers to shape the way our services are run.

Community Area Forums (CAFs)

CAFs give you the chance to come along to a venue in your area and meet with housing, local councillors and other people who have an influence on what happens in your community.

Customer Journey Mapping and feedback surveys

We have started to take a deeper look at customer satisfaction through surveys and customer journey mapping.

Local Community Involvement

We are working with local community groups to make our services more accessible for everyone.

Tenants' Annual Report

Every year tenants from across the Borough come together to write the annual report.

South Tyneside Homes Board

The board has ultimate responsibility for South Tyneside Homes. It is made up of 12 members, including 4 local tenants.

South Tyneside Homes Tenant Talk Facebook Group

Like our Facebook page. We regularly post content about changes to Housing Services and ask questions about things that matter to you.